How the Australian sports community can help their sport return to play.

Sport is enjoyed by millions of Australians across the country. At community level, sport is predominantly organised by and made available through local clubs and associations.

Sports clubs operate as focal points for local communities and provide support critical to the well being of Australians. They are reliant on the efforts of an army of dedicated volunteers committed to ensuring opportunities continue to be provided for us all to participate, compete and enjoy our sport.

Unfortunately, the Australian sport system is under tremendous pressure. Clubs, in the front line with the most direct community contact, are facing challenges unforeseen and unplanned for, with many unlikely to survive. Anecdotal evidence suggests 20% + of Clubs operating at the start of 2020 will not be able to operate into 2021-22.

This is where Blue Sky Insurance comes in.

Specifically aiming to aid Australia’s sports clubs and local associations get back up and running, and achieve sustainability, we have created this web platform to provide clubs, and everyone participating in sport:

  • Information about funding opportunities, such as government grant programs, which Clubs may be able to access;
  • Direct revenue generating initiatives. For example, internet-based insurance provider, BeOpen, has appointed Blue Sky to promote to the Australian sports community family and individual Home & Contents and motor vehicle insurance. All policies purchased through Open provide a financial return back to the member’s preferred sports club or association; and
  • Other information we think will assist Clubs in future.

Yours in sport

From the Team at Blue Sky Insurance 

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